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Experimenting with Minecraft: Version 1.12 vs Ubuntu 20.04


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Since I last wrote about this, there have been a few developments. Namely, Minecraft version 1.16 was released – and it includes a new world editor called “Customizing Worlds.” This is different from the old Custom Worlds that was in version 1.12 – so I wanted to experiment with it. Can Ubuntu 20.04 run Minecraft version 1.16?

I’m running:

Ubuntu 20.04
OpenJDK 11
Launcher 2.1.15852
LWJGL Version: 2.9.4
Minecraft 1.13.2.jar – works
Minecraft 1.12.2.jar – crashes

The Launcher screen does indicate that there’s a “new version of the launcher”, but the notes give no indication of what it does or what version it is.

The logs show:

Skipping bad option: lastServer:
Skipping bad option: key_key.pickItem:key.mouse.middle

This question, Preferred Version?, seems to indicate there is a bundled version of Java with the installation. Is this different from the OpenJDK that I see, on the command line? Is that what the “launcher update does”? And if so, how would I see what version of internal-Java is currently running?

The docs at Minecraft Tutorials seems to indicate that 1.12 should run, so I’m hoping that’s correct.


Forge 1.12.2



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