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iOS has some security problems, what do we need to do to avoid information disclosure?


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Although it discovered 39 vulnerabilities, some important to iPhone users, Apple didn’t put much information in their security update notes to remind users.

For iPhone owners, Apple has provided the iOS 15.6 update. Since the initial release of iOS 15 in September 2021, there have been six significant updates. This update fixes 39 security holes in addition to previously unresolved ones, including some critical bugs that put users at risk.


An issue with AppleAVD that could allow hackers to run malicious code remotely has also been fixed in iOS 15.6. This release also addresses issues with ImageIO, GPU Drivers, IOMobileFrameBuffer, Kernel, and WebKit vulnerabilities.

Apple has chosen not to include many details in its security update notes. Before attackers can access the details, Apple wants as many users as possible to update their iPhones to the latest iOS version possible.



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Sean Wright, an independent security researcher advises iPhone users to update to iOS 15.6 as soon as possible to avoid information disclosure or unnecessary errors.

In addition to the dangers mentioned in iOS 15.6, he also claims that “an attacker can chain multiple vulnerabilities together to gain full access to a remote device.” But the chances of this happening are in fact “very small.”

Along with 39 security bugs that have been resolved, iOS 15.6 also focuses on solving problems previously encountered. These include errors that cause the Settings program to constantly warn the user that it is running out of memory, and others that cause the device to slow down or restart when using a function in the Mail app…

What are you waiting for, go to Settings> General> Software update and update immediately to avoid unnecessary errors and avoid losing your personal information.

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