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How businesses are helped with AI-generated videos


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AI-produced videos are a hot topic right now. People can speak or write and argue about them. There are a number of projects in this area as well as enthusiastic media coverage proving that artificial intelligence technology is the most talked about topic in the IT field.

Almost every aspect of modern life has a significant presence of AI, from industrial robots and self-driving cars to medical science and technology research.


What are the perks of AI-generated videos?

Even complicated photos, sounds, natural language, and handwriting can all be recognized by modern AI. Using specialized software has made it possible to easily create AI-generated videos. AI makes video from sound or text using cutting-edge technologies, producing the ideal content for all of your needs.

A crucial role is played by the advancement of artificial intelligence. It is becoming more and more prevalent in new areas, offering special opportunity to individuals who are receptive to emerging trends. Artificial intelligence-generated video news is no longer a curiosity that may be enjoyed to amaze others.

How AI video works

Sign up for the system to get started. You will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information after creating your account.

The direct production of AI-generated videos is the following level. Simply select the New Video button. If you already have a video in your collection, you can add more by selecting Add Videos.

Pick an avatar from the available selection. They can be resized and positioned anywhere on the presentation. You can select a different avatar for each slide if you’d like.

It’s time to select a background and the text for the slide after choosing an avatar. You can choose a custom background or one of the pre-existing colors.


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